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Welcome to Our Document Brief and Motions Bank

This motions and briefs bank is provided to members of SCACDL as a resource to prevent the re-invention of the wheel. This material provides both a template for the user to reference in drafting future motions and a starting point for legal research in the areas provided. Obviously, some of the material may become obsolete as the courts fine tune their jurisprudence.

Some of the files under the headings "Motions" also include memorandum. I have tried to indicate this distinction in the title of the file. Some motions are only short notices to be attached to a memorandum or brief. Conversely, some of the files under the "Memorandum" heading will not have a complementary motion.

Remember this is a work in progress. Save and collect any of your own work for inclusion in future editions of this disc. There is no reason the government should be more organized that the defense bar.

Finally, credit for the majority of these files goes to Bill Nettles and Joe McCulloch. I apologize to those whose names are not mentioned even though they contributed material. Thank you for your help.

Jim Brown


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