The South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Educational Foundation Founding Members

The South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Educational Foundation (SCACDLEF), a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to champion and sustain SCACDLEF-sponsored educational programs extends an invitation to SCACDL members to become a Founding Member.

By becoming a Founding Member, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of legal education, channeling your support toward the Chip Price Scholarship or the Hank Anderson Scholarship. These scholarships serve as pillars of excellence within our commitment to advancing the field of criminal defense.

As a Founding Member, you’ll receive exclusive benefits, including a personalized graphic for your website, prominent recognition on the SCACDL and SCACDLEF websites, and a featured spot in the esteemed newsletter, The Advocate. Your dedication to the advancement of legal knowledge will be personally celebrated at the SCACDL’s Annual Meeting, and your generous contribution will be acknowledged with a commemorative plaque.

Remember, your support establishes you as a key influencer in the legal community and directly contributes to the success of our tax-exempt, non-profit initiatives focused on enhancing educational programs.

Take this opportunity to become a Founding Member of SCACDLEF and make a lasting impact on the future of criminal defense. Your investment in legal education today will undoubtedly shape a more proficient and just legal system tomorrow.

Founding Members

Adams & Bischoff
Beattie Ashmore
Ryan Beasley
Lester M. “Gill” Bell, Jr.
Jarett Bouchette
Joe Brewer
Jim Brown
Paul Cannerella
Cobb Dill & Hammett, LLC
The Curry Law Firm, LLC
Harry and Ouida Dest
R. Scott Dover
Drennan Law Firm
Jack Duncan
Josh Edgeworth
Ellis Hinton LLC
Eppes & Plumblee, PA
Kevin Etheridge
Dana Fields
Scott Floyd

Geel & Gentry, LLC
Greenville Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Charles Grose
Grove Ozment LLC
Susan Hackett
Ronald Hazzard
James “Jamie” Holladay
James B. Huff
Jennifer Johnson
Daniel Jordan
Jay Jordan
JR Joyner
Shaun Kent
Ryne “Josh” Kochan
Jonathan E. B. (Jeb) Lewis
Mindy Lipinski
Katie Marko
Sarah Mauldin
Will McKibbon
McKinney Ticker & Lemel

Mr. and Mrs. Pat McWhirter
Allie Menegakis
Marion Moses
Bill Nettles
John D. Newkirk
Jon Ozmint
Ashley Pennington
Dayne Phillips
James Price
Powers Price
Fielding Pringle
Andy Savage
Smith Ammons Howle & Ricker LLC
Scott Suggs
Kitty Sutton
Nick Thomas
Todd Tucker
Williams & Walsh LLC
Rauch Wise
Whalen Montalvo

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South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers | Columbia, SC

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