By Fielding Pringle
First appeared in The Advocate Vol. 1| No. 2| April 202

Most everyone has a Jack Swerling story and/or knows what a talented and effective lawyer he is. But you may not know the exceptional mentorship he has extended to so many about how to simply be a considerate and kind attorney who treats everyone he encounters with dignity and humanity. If you have ever walked through a courthouse with Jack, you know what I am talking about. And because of how he treats those around him, everyone likes and respects this man: judges, prosecutors, the defense bar, law
enforcement, court staff, everyone. This is especially remarkable because he regularly destroys prosecutions in courthouses all across the state.

Jack leads by example and has taught so many that you can be relentless, formidable, and effective and still treat everyone in the process with kindness, respect, and dignity. Jack is a treasure, not just to SCACDL, but to our entire profession.